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“I was a little trepidatious to take Beth's course because I didn't think I really had a concrete book idea and I resist writing. But during the course, I got a really great idea for a book, and suddenly it seemed clear, inspiring and easy to write. I actually look forward to the process.”

Cheryl Liquori, Marketing Coach and Consultant,
Off the Chart Marketing

Be the HERO of your book writing adventure

-- Overcome blocks -- Defeat fear and resistance -- Slay confusion

When you follow this e-course, you will complete your book.

This course is right for you if:
  • you are a fiction writer
  • you are a creative nonfiction writer, and
  • you want to write a book, or you are stuck in the middle of writing one.

I invite you to read on to learn how the Writer's AdventureTM course, based on The Hero's Journey, will help you:

-- forge a clear path from inspiration to completion

-- build confidence in your writing instincts

-- create more time and space to enjoy the book writing process

-- delight in the creative adventure, both its ups and its downs

-- complete your novel or creative nonfiction book, and more!

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From: Beth Barany
Monday 4:13 PM

Dear Aspiring Writer,

Most writers, whether beginning or experienced, find themselves in a place commonly known as writer's block. It can be debilitating, create enormous delays and cause angst that eats at your soul. Soon you're spiraling down into a morass of black gunk.

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

In fact, there is a clear pathway out of the muck.

What if you had a companion every step of the way, an experienced guide who had walked the path before you and told you what hazards to avoid or what opportunities to take advantage of? That is what the Writer's Adventure Guide e-course can be for you.

About the Creator
of the Writer's Adventure
TM Guide

Beth Barany

My life wasn't always this way.

Over the course of many years, and much struggle to write my novels, I uncovered, excavated really, a method that worked for every situation, every block, every high and every low. But it wasn't until I was called to be a writing teacher and certified Creativity Coach, that I refined my approach, put it into words, and made it practical for other writers. Because, you see, I wanted absolute clarity for myself on how to write books. I love it so much, but struggled in the darkness for many years.

I know what it's like to be lost, confused, blocked, and without confidence. I wanted to share my discovery and light with you; to show you that the book writing process could be fun, could be an adventure -- if we only choose to look at it that way. And the best thing about it was once I created this method, I felt so much more relaxed about my own writing. My whole life shifted into perspective. For not only is book writing an adventure, so is my whole life!

Yours can be too! I invite you to apply this method to your writing and watch it affect your entire life.

You can look at life as a struggle, or you can view it as an adventure. It is your choice. I give you an open invitation to transform your life through your writing, through your art.

Here's the skinny on the Writer's Adventure Guide e-course:

  • Learn about the 12 stages of book writing - These 12 stages correspond with the start, middle and end of writing your book. Organic and intuitive, you will feel like you've known these stages all your life. Once uncovered, they will prove to be powerful and useful tools all along your book writing adventure. By using and following the wisdom of the 12 stages of the writer's adventure, you will write and complete your book.
  • In Stage 2, Create a game plan for writing your book - Plan your book before you start it. Knowing where you're going applies to land journeys as well as book writing ones. Very simple, easy to follow steps will lead you create a book outline, title, book sections, and point to where you may need to do research.
  • In Stage 5, Implement strategies to stay motivated - If we know what gets us stuck, then we can determine how to unstick, and release and ignite our creativity to get back to writing. Several exercises will help you pinpoint your writer's block triggers, and show what to do as soon as you notice any of them creeping up to sabotage your writing.


"Beth Barany's Writer's Adventure course provides a thorough approach to book writing. She has lived the process and now spares you the painful setbacks common to first-timers. I recommend her because she commits to your completion without a doubt!"

Claudia Medina,

  • In all Stages, Do short writing exercises - Each stage comes with stimulating, thought-provoking writing exercises that help you move forward. All you need is a pen, fifteen minutes, and paper, and you can move one stage.
  • In Stage 12, Investigate your publishing options - Self-publish? New York publisher? Independent press? E-publishing? Blog-to-book? The path to publishing is more varied than ever before. Thankfully we now have the means of production in our hands. The challenge for self-published authors is marketing and distribution. How to sort it all out? I'll will go through your options, and help you understand each option and weigh it against your current situation.
  • In Stages 3, 4, and 12, Organize and receive support for the writing process - Writers may write alone, but we writers write for an audience, and need support throughout our writing process. I will show you how to build support into every step of your adventure, so you are not alone.

Here's the scoop on the Writer's Adventure Guide e-course:

  • What: (1) 12 mp3 audio files 5-12 minutes long, (2) 12 PDF workbook files -- each 1- 14 pages long, (3) PLUS bonus documents.
  • When: 12 weeks of weekly emails.
  • How: Delivered right to your email inbox. This email has a link directly to that week's lessons.
  • Where: In your own home. You can work in the privacy of your own home or wherever you bring your laptop.
  • Why: Enjoy working at your own pace with gentle weekly prompts.


Beth Barany's workshop, The Book Writer's Adventure, was filled with a lot of ceative ideas for writing and starting the writing process. It was motivational and collaborative. I left there knowing more about my story than before.

Karen Lodrick, Fight Back Now Advocacy


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Not for the faint at heart, nor for the dabblers out there, this system is designed for those who are yearning, burning, to write books. Fiction or nonfiction, this method works equally well.

Here are just some of the things you will gain from learning and following this method. You will:
-- learn about the 12 stages of book writing
-- create a game plan for writing your book
-- implement strategies to stay motivated
-- view your personal challenges and goals through the stages of the hero's journey
-- connect to creative fire and increase your creative flow
-- find the fun and joy in every stage of the book writing process
-- ignite your creativity and inspiration
-- do short writing exercises that feed directly into your book
-- learn your publishing options and determine the best choice for your situation
-- organize and receive support for the writing process

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If you're tired of putting off your book, if you're tired of fighting inner and outer demons alone, then The Writer's Adventure Guide e-course will be your companion on this adventure. Writing a book will never be mysterious again!

The Writer's Adventure Guide e-course, will feature 12mp3 downloadable audios, 12 workbooks, 11-15 pages each, downloadable PDF documents, many bonus spreadsheets, reports, and guides, delivered to you weekly.

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

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If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following bonuses:

üBonus #1:

12 Stages of the Writer's Adventure Report Value $117
This report gives an overview of the whole Writer's Adventure program, and helps you stay on course.

üBonus #2:

The 9 Writer's Archetypes Report Value $117
This report gives an overview of the Writer's Archetypes.

üBonus #3:

Publishing Options Report Value $57
Learn the difference between self-publishing, traditional publishing, and "hybrid" publishing. Each options has their strengths and weaknesses.

üBonus #4:

"Invite Your Writer's Block Monster to Lunch," an article, excerpted from
Overcome Writer's Block: 10 Writing Sparks to Ignite Your Creativity
Value $17

A fun article that illustrates a way to overcome writer's block.

üBonus #5:

Track Your Writing Progress, excel spreadsheet Value $37
With this spreadsheet that you can adapt to your needs, keep track of your daily progress.

üBonus #6:

Write Your Book in 8 or 12 Weeks Excel Log Value $37
Adaptable to your needs, this log will help you get your book done! If you're on the fast-track, measure your progress against this log.

üBonus #7:

Recommended Resources and Bibliography Value $37
Culled from my own library, I use these books and recommended resources all the time.

üBonus #8:

How to Publish Online Report Value $37
If you're looking to publish online, this report will share where and how.

üBonus #9:

Self-Publishing Checklist: Front Matter Value $37
Learn where and how to get your book's front matter, including the ISBN, Library of Congress number, etc.

üBonus #10:

Book Marketing and Promotions Checklist Value $47
This checklist will help you see your choices, and strategize a plan of action.

100% better-than-money-back guarantee

And keep the bonuses, refund includes shipping. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with The Writer's Adventure Guide home-study course, just let us know.

If you're ready, if you're committed, if you're willing to do the work of writing, then NOW is the time to commit to
the Writer's AdventureTM Guide e-course.

This e-course is more convenient than a class, saving you time. Most other writing programs offered online cost three times as much.

I've loaded this course with lots of tools, goodies, and surprises to make it worth your time.


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This course helped greatly in creating a framework and a set of tools to move forward with the process of writing -- for any genre.

Bill Chamberlain, IT Consultant & Entrepreneur


"In [Beth's] workshop on creative writing, she helped me access the motivation and inspiration for my workbook project. Beth exudes that contagious enthusiasm that makes her so effective in her work as a writer and as a creativity coach."

Isabelle Choinere-Correa, Magic Carpet Journeys


"A Treasure Trove! The Book Writer's Adventure workshop is fast-paced, interesting and an adventure. It's a writer's Disneyland!"

Sally Faubion, Numerologist,


I was a little trepidatious to take Beth's course because I didn't think I really had a concrete book idea and I resist writing. But during the course, I got a really great idea for a book, and suddenly it seemed clear, inspiring and easy to write. I actually look forward to the process.

Cheryl Liquori, Marketing Coach and Consultant, Off the Chart Marketing


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Be the Hero of Your Book Writing Adventure!

You can overcome your writer's block, slay fear and resistance, and surmount confusion.

I believe in you.

Isn't it time you believed in yourself?

Don't you owe it to yourself to write and finish your book?
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Beth Barany
Creator of the Writer's Adventure Guide MethodTM

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Beth's Writer's Adventure material helped me confront my challenges and slay them. Her material is great! And not just because she's my wife.

Ezra Barany, author of Lyric Writing Secrets, and the Best Husband Ever

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